November 13, 2008


Another tough-time project: 3D Sketch up
I am super bad at digital software and stuff,
especially my laptop getting suck because of the program
Anyways, this is one of the project that i presented just today
I should create my own toy using this program. 
As you can see, my 'perfect' collectible toy:
Of course it is inspired by my dear Character, which i haven't give name yet.
But this is the 1st time i created in 3D version, and it has 2 face - back and front.
One has a happy expression, the other one has sad expression

What dy'all think?


  1. Gak tau kenapa ini belum dikomen, tapi ini lucuuu oy

  2. deb mau dong gua satu, punya banyak kan lo?hahaha.

  3. tp ini ga di jadiin mainan beneran chaaa, di buat pake software gt haha