January 18, 2009

Mural © Day

"Get your creative juices flowing"

It is the first time in Lasalle that foundation students allowed to create mural around the college: a pretty massive project from 2D.
Each class got different themes, my class got 'City Skyline' placed on the wall at the basement
It has to be good, or else, it will get white-wash.
And the mural is huge that we spent 3 days to finish the whole thing
But we ended up saying "it wasn't that bad",
I wish i can show the whole classes' works, but you better see it live :-)


  1. 'but you better see it live'
    hmmm i wonder how yaaah...

  2. your another nice mural..:D

  3. ^
    rega: hahaha :-p

    aca: its nice cos its a group work ;-)