February 12, 2009


Today was my very first analogue photography workshop class, yes, it was a fun experience!
we got a chance to play in the dark room, trying out leaking process.
Here is one of the photos that i have done by transforming my drawings to the photo paper by exposing white lamp onto it for 6 seconds.

Pretty interesting that our homework was to create a pinhole camera out of a shoebox, i will post it later on after i have done with it


  1. wowww making a pinhole camera is a tough thing to do! i made one from this website: http://www.corbis.readymech.com/en and i got so furious because it was so hardddd! hahaha :p but goodluck with yours! i know you can make a good one! :D

  2. thats good that you had this experience before, and thanks for the info, my dear, thank you ;-)

  3. wow.. dis is cool! : D