September 3, 2009

Hand Gestures

Drawing hands has always been one of my favorites, but having 50 hands gesture drawing as a week homework is rather crazy and tiring. Yes, yes, this picture above is the finished piece. Materials: white pastel, charcoal, drawing pen and pencil on (about) A0 brown paper.

Maaaan, as if I don't have any more works to do! I still have to finish my man made landscape painting project and continue to the second project, and I also still have graphic novel homework to create comic characters arrgghh!!! but hey of course I enjoy doing all of these.

Oh and by the way, next week will be my critic session day! Wish me all the luck, people!


  1. is that really 50 hands there?
    fsyuhhh,how can you do that in a week. ckckck
    good luck then dear :)

  2. aaarrgghh, my hand's drawing always looks bad. can you teach me deb :D yours is soooo nice

  3. Anonymous5:41 AM

    hands are the hardest! i dont like drawing hands! haha

  4. rizky: yes there are 50. i did that in hours actually, not even a week since i have a lot of things to do else than this. thanks ;-)

    Aditya: awww gee thanks but if you see carefully its not that nice either haha

    Aisha: hahaha but you're good at drawings! im soooo sure you can do it sha

  5. I envy you for being able to draw them well(giggle) wow you really have a lot of works to do!

  6. haha dont be, im pretty sure you can do it too if you try :-D and yeah lots of works but fun at the same time!

  7. yeaa its really straining!
    i once had to draw 100 hands last year for my fyp
    but yours look really good!

  8. ya man its tiring, just today i got another 50 more drawing homework of feets which is soooo crazy! how am i suppose to draw 50 different gestures of feet?? haha thanks anyways!

  9. and what now? feet too?
    hahaha oh deb,what a tiring homework.
    semangat!!! you can do it!

    and oh yeah,i really miss your colorful painting dear :D can you upload more hehehe

  10. thanks rizky! and just wait until i've had my critic session of my first painting project, which is tomorrow! then i will update more on my painting. thanks for asking. cheers :-D

  11. Anonymous6:19 PM

    nope, nope, you don't understand, i seriously cannot draw hands. proper, nice hands anyway. are you coming home anytime soon? if so, let me know!

  12. alright2.. no i wont be coming home for lebaran, mungkin akhir november sekalian sm econ. will do sha, we have to meet like for real ;-)

  13. Anonymous10:58 PM

    great! november isn't that far off. see ya then!

  14. millyvc8:31 PM