September 13, 2009

Man-made Landscape

As I promised, I will update about my painting project.
The theme of the first painting project is Man-made landscape where the timing is evening about from 6-7 pm, so it has that warm feeling with tints of oranges and yellows. Which, of course, has to be inspired by Singapore's landscape.
So I took a bunch of photographs in gardens and parks then create 10 studies of those selected photographs on A4 paper, yes, 10.
Then in the end I have to pick 1 one of those 10s which I think most successful, then I paint it on 120 cm x 96 cm canvas using Oil paint. To be honest, I have never ever in my entire life use oil paint before so you can see from my studies (below, I took from my wall studio) I sucked so bad.

Anyways, my style of painting was influenced by the impressionists, but mostly by David Hockney, which you guys should do more research on. I like his idea on bringing space into canvas which inviting viewers to be part of the paintings - and that is also the reason why I pick the one with the stairs.
My first critics went well, its just that I haven't really do the details on the pathways and some part too.
Any more critics or comments, maybe?

AND by the way,
I've got an additional picture from my friend, Zoey, which she secretly took it during my critic session. Thanks dear! :-D


  1. Anonymous7:53 PM

    i love it. i love the theme. i love parks. i love paintings. i love impressionists. i just love, love the evening. ah, memories

  2. ahhh yes yes indeed. i love parks, impressionists and the evening as well. is the painting warm enough?

  3. this is insane!you are such a well-realist painter, with a very-very-very good taste!(i mean, i see how you made it as a theme, then you put it close to each other,looks match) TWO THUMBS!

  4. whoaah are you sure? thanks! thats such a huge compliment cos i never consider myself as a realist painter, especially a good one, like seriously, i paint so cartoony most of the times i admit. but thanks again :-D

  5. Anonymous8:15 AM

    yeah i think its perfect, debz! we need to get together and paint (although i probably won't be able to, i'd feel embarassed)

  6. hey, don't be! seriously,i'll be the most shy painter that you know, ever. i always sees my work as the crappiest. so that plan sounds fun to me! :-D