September 15, 2009


I have live figure drawing class on every monday morning, which we are often to do live drawing of naked figure with any wet or dry mediums on huge papers in like minutes time - not sure its a good thing to start the week or not haha
Anyways, I would like to share one of my many result drawings here for the sake of sharing this rare study experience.

This particular piece was a mix media of acrylic and charcoal on brown A0 paper.
My lecture says, "you are unique, you know, you have that comical style and good in picking out colors that reminds me of Matisse. You have fresh style." 

But then again opinions are always subjective, right? I don't know. Maybe you can share me a bit of what you think?


  1. I really agree with your lecture! You've a great idea and the colour :) Good luck Deb

  2. awww thanks Aditya! you always gave me such a pleasant compliment, good luck to you too! :-D