October 16, 2009

Inside: Interior

The theme for the second painting project is about inside. But what inside is depend on our own interpretation of it or whatever our concept is, so it really is a broad theme.
People came out with different interesting ideas and concepts such as inside of a bubble, inside of a toilet bowl, inside of a dead chicken, close up of flowers, inside of polaroids, inside of a vagina, and the lists goes on.
I chose the idea relating to interior, so I picked several photos of inside that I have and I think I should do studies on; like toilet bowl, inside my bathroom and inside of a room. As you can see from my small paintings here, about A3 range-size.

In the end I picked the most personal photo, which I took at Riau, Indonesia. Its simple but yet it really had that dramatic light effect which gave that reminiscent feeling about the place.
Anyways, my reference artists would be Edward Hopper and Matthias Weischer. And my lecturer says that my style reminds her of Luc Tuymans, which you guys should go research on.

 oil paint on 120cm x 120cm canvas
 it still need touch ups.


  1. Danya9:17 PM

    bagus banget deb :D
    favorit gue, toilet hahahaha :)

  2. hahaha terima kasih danya!!! :-D

  3. helo just rediscovered ur blog on my comentbox hehe nice oil paintings dudee, i like the toilet one the most as well. oil is one of the most difficult painting mediums i reckon, nonetheless the most enjoyable

  4. hello! i can't believe you visit back my blog, thanks, really! and yes indeed oil is one of the most difficult medium but enjoyable. keep on painting :-D

  5. Anonymous5:58 PM

    i adore hopper. i truly do. and debra, your paintings are so warm and nice, it gives a comforting feeling everytime i see them

  6. yeah! its amazing how he can paint the light.
    and thanks dear Aisha for your nice comments, I really didn't know I can make the viewers feels that way from seeing my paintings :-)

  7. karina nurherbyanti9:26 PM

    fotonya aku pake jadi background twitter ya :-)