December 19, 2009

Satu Gelang, Satu Harapan

Going back to Indonesia during holiday, doesn't mean its time to just seat back and relax while waiting for the 4th semester to come. But I have several projects that I am currently doing which keep me pretty busy.

Couple of days ago I was helping my friend's project by designing the label that will be placed on every hand-made bracelets that he + homeless kids made. 
He had this project on teaching a House full of homeless kids for a couple of times, which one of it was teaching how to make this colorful bracelets craft that later will be sold for Rp. 5000.- each.
And after he collects all the money he can get from each bracelets that was sold, will be given 100% to this House, which named Yayasan Ruma Singgah I-HoPe.

Please do help us: its Rp. 5000,- each
because every one bracelet you pay, will eventually help one of those kids.

Contact person: Danang 0856 7899 885

Thank you for your kindness, really appreciate it! :-)


  1. mau dong deb 2. yg bagus2 pilihin. eh, kapan pulang? masih lama kan? yuk chillin bareng yuk..

  2. contact danangnya aja deg! hehehhe gue tgl 3 udah pergi keluar sekalian balik singapore. ketemu laaaah!

  3. This is super. I would love to meet everyone involved, especially the kids!