March 4, 2010


Quick sketch of faces I see 
while drinking hot Green Tea
Starbucks, Raffles. Midnight


  1. Oh my god, this is so cool! Can you teach me to draw a good sketch? :D

  2. thanks Aditya! I actually don't know how, but this is how I did sketches of life object:

    you just need to observe the object, pick certain elements that interest you then just start to draw fast before the object moves! don't think its wrong if your lines are wobbly or something, its part of the process.

    have fun drawing!

  3. debs asik abis! eh gila ini buat iseng ato tugas? my project has exactly have to do this. sit down at cityhall n jot. tapi whole body gitu.
    eh come watch (n draw) IAF atuh this saturday! coming? ada efekrumahkaca ;D
    i'm apparently drawing IAF for project instead pas latian. gada waktu cityhall. hwahahahahah

  4. hahaha ini iseng aja sa! gue emang suka banget gambar live gt dr dulu dan gue emang ada kelas live drawing jg kok pas semester lalu. anak2 fashion baru dpt giliran semester ini kan :-)

  5. Danya5:22 AM

    deb, aku suka.. warnainnya pake pantone?

  6. makasih danyaaa.. warnainnya pake copic marker :-D