March 16, 2010

Secret Heart

For the third drawing project, which is the last one for this semester, we were asked to pick a song and design a CD album cover inspired by it. The artwork and concept should reflect the theme of the music and ethos of the band. I picked one of my all time favorite singer, (Leslie) Feist, with her remakes of Ron Sexsmith's "Secret Heart" as the chosen song.

I did a minimalist, delicate and sort of surreal approach to reflect her such arrangement for this song. I come up with this lifted female character with pink flower head and with her palms on the chest; to represent the girl on the song that secretly hides her feelings. Flowers meant to represent this delicate blossom feelings she's dying to reveal. 

the CD album final look: Drawing in a jewel CD case

Anyway, try to listen to her beautiful arrangement for this song and at the same time, look at the drawings on this CD cover, maybe it will make more sense ;-)


  1. DEEEEBBB! suka banget!!!! klo suatu saat nanti feist liat bangga banget sukasukaaaa

  2. I REALLY LOVE IT, DEBRA! seriously you really managed to interpret the atmosphere! You're my favourite artist!

  3. @danya: amiiiin kalo sampe dia liat! hahahha thank you ya danyaaa!!! hihi :-)

    @Amanda: awww thank you dear Amanda for the lovely compliment. Glad to know that I managed to interpret it well. and also thanks for making me as your fav. artist ;-) cheers!

  4. Anonymous2:54 PM

    imaginative ...

  5. debraa, ini kewl bangeetss. suka deeh ehehe