April 4, 2010

Children's classics collection

On this sunday afternoon, while listening to Gonzales' overnight  over and over, I went to art store for some vintage-shape woods shopping for my last project, which still is a secret, but it has something to do with children's classic tales.

Anyway, it was raining outside so I decided to wonder around the nearest used book store, until I found this rack full of really, I mean, REALLY old original collection books of children's classics with full illustration. And it was on discount so around like, what, 9$ each!? lucky I know! I bought like 3 of them which are Alice in Wonderland, Robin Hood and collection of classic short tales.

Thanks God for the enlightenment, this would be a perfect reference for my project!
and happy easter for those celebrating ;-)


  1. I keep to be impressed by your work Deb :D

  2. I love the washed out look of each books.
    Vintage feels comfort, every time.

  3. @Raven: thanks ven! :-D

    @Chitra: i know righttt! thats the art of the old books, i guess - comfy and nostalgic

  4. my school library have a lot of children classic book, from robinson family to classic disney, love how each of book have different kind a feeling trough its own illustration

  5. yeah so do I when I was in school - its good that schools teach english classics. true to that, such lovely various illustrations, right?

  6. yeah you right, but too bad, no kids in my school realize any of that, they more interest to glossy glitter books...